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Hey folks,

since three years we this label run as an official business and it became in this time
more and more like a main exercise in our life.
So, at least we take the decision to throw all the records, all the boxes, all the flyers and stickers
out of our private rooms and yeah we rented our own SMGS Office.
Its the next step to make dream come true.
But once in passing.

Here are the important facts:

1.SIM 021 Cepheide – “Respire LP” Release Info/ Reviews
2.SIM 022 Morphinist – “Terraforming LP /CD”
3.SIM 0?? Skagos – “Anarchic LP”
4.SIM 0?? Raspail – ” Dirge LP/CD”
5.SIM 0?? Encircling Sea – “New record DLP/CD”
6.SIM 0?? Sallow – “The great work LP/CD”
7.Distro Update

1.SIM 021 Cepheide – “Respire LP” Release Info/ Review

The record will be arrive in time.
During the time of wait we have some new revviews.
Check them here:

2.SIM 022 Morphinist – “Terraforming LP /CD”


We are proud to announce the we are going to release the latest album of the one man Black metal artist Morphinist. Morphinist is a German post-black metal project formed in 2013 in Hamburg. The only member is Argwohn. It is hard to compare Morphinist to other bands from the post-black metal genre, due to the fact that Argwohn changes the sound of the project with each release, adding various elements of other genres to the music and refuses to follow any rules or trends.
Argwohn works alone. There are only a few exceptions for guests helping out with instruments or artwork. The project is known for its high output with several albums per year on a constant high level of musicianship. The lyrics often are about philosophical themes, especially the interconnection of dark and bright, good and evil, yin and yang.

You can check his music here:

3.SIM 0?? Skagos – “Anarchic LP”

skagos 1

A dream come true we are going to release the vinyl version of this USBM masterpiece.
Its one of the excited cooperation we will do since we release records.
Stay tuned for more news.

check their music here:

4.SIM 0?? Raspail – ” Dirge LP/CD”


Yes no Black Metal and a way more slow. We will put out the first record for the band Raspail from Rome, Italy.
Raspail are born around 2010, by the will of three musicians, members and former members of bands like Klimt 1918, Psychotic Despair, Room With a View, Novembre.
The music is melancholy, harmony and rarefaction.
The musical tastes and the of their vision of music has deeply influenced their sound. Post Rock, Shoegaze, Drone, Ambient, Noise and Black Metal are recognizable in the music.
Raspail is the nature mother and stepmother, who oversees the destiny of men, a shrine of ancient traditions, which constantly regenerates itself.
Is the vision of the rural landscape around Rome that poets and artists of the grand tour yearn as a muse.
Is the ineffability of fate, the futility of human affairs, the whispers of the nymphs and fauns in the undergrowth.
Is the fall of Bacchus covering everything with its bright colors, which quickly gives way to winter pallor.

Raspail are:
Ianus – scream
Israfil – Guitar
Zeno – Bass

check them out here:

5.SIM 0?? Encircling Sea – “New record DLP/CD”

E.S.-“The forgotten land” was one of the first releases by SMGS Records.
And this record gave us so much energy to go forward with this project.
Thats more then a basic to release the second album of the most intense and epic black metal band from down under.
More infos about the intention, packaging and release date soon.

Meanwhile check their latest record here:

6.Sallow – “The great work LP/CD”

Always in work. Infos soon.
listen here:

7.Distro Update

We did a new distro update with new records from Relapse Records, Thrill Jockey, Golden Antenna, Fallen Empire Records and Vendetta Records.

check it here:

From tuesday on we also on tour with Black Table (Moment Collapse – New Yor, USA) and we have some nice records with us.
So check the Tour dates of Black Table here:
Maybe we can meet us in your town and you can catch some nice records from our distro.

cheers T. & A.