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New arrivals || Distro update


Hey folks,

beside our work on the next sickmangettingsick.records releases, we did a special distro update with records of Throne Records Official, Nordvis Records, Cold DImension Records, Season of Mist and Init Records.
Still hot: Records of Relapse Records, Ván Records, Eisenwald Records, Thrill Jockey Records and many more.

Check it here:…/new-arrivals

Throne Records

FUNERAL MOTH – Transience 12inch
SUNWOLF – Beholden To Nothing… 2×12inch
FVNERALS – The Path 7inch
ASHTAR – Ilmasaari 12inch


Nordvis Records

NACHTZEIT “Där Föddes En Längten” CD
PANOPTICON “Revisions Of The Past” 2×CD
FALLS OF RAUROS “The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood” CD
FALLS OF RAUROS “Hail Wind And Hewn Oak” CD
STILLA “Skuggflock” 12inch & CD


Cold Dimensions Records

FÄULNIS “Snuff // Hiroshima” 2×12inch
LUNAR AURORA “Of Stargates And Bloodstained Celestial Spheres” 2×12inch
LUNAR AURORA ‎”Hoagascht” 12inch
WEIRD FATE “Cycle Of Naught” 12inch
COLD WORLD ‎”Autumn” 2×12inch


Season Of Mist

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX “New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D” 2×12inch
MAYHEM “Esoteric Warfare” 2×12inch
NUMENOREAN “Home” 12inch
SHINING “IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends” 2×12inch
THIS GIFT IS A CURSE “All Hail The Swinelord” 2×12inch


Init Records

BLOOD FOLKE “My Heart In The Brilliance Of Fire” 12inch
BURIED INSIDE “Chronoclast – Selected Essays…“ 12inch
GREAT FALLS “The Fever Shed” 12inch
THE HOWLING WIND “A Tyrannical Deposit In The…“ 7inch
KEN MODE “Venerable” 12inch
KRIEG*** “Transient” 12inch + 7inch
KRIEG*** “Isolation / Transmission” 7inch
PRIMITIVE MAN | XAPHAN “Ties That Bind And Sever / Cold Surge” 7inch
WOMAN IS THE EARTH “Torch Of Our Final Night” 12inch & CD
WOMAN IS THE EARTH ‎”Depths” 12inch
WOLVHAMMER “Black Marketeers Of World War III” CD


cheers T. & A.

***We are aware that this band / Neill Jameson is controversial. Even with SMGS Records. Only through long e-mail exchange with Init Records we chose the two publications take.